Research & Development

In this rapidly changing technology landscape, science is the starting point for economic impact. Scott Laboratories, a research and development company, has created a process for turning scientific creativity into meaningful innovation that improves our world. Scott has coupled the stability of an established company with the intellectually stimulating entrepreneurial spirit of a scientific startup.

Our team of scientists, engineers, and innovators explore scientific frontiers that focus on breakthrough innovation for complex challenges. The process we follow is built on a “learn then confirm” model which requires the rapid and cost-effective development and testing of novel prototype solutions. Our multi-disciplinary teams are filled with expertise and ideas to create technologies that enhance everyday practices. We choose focus areas that center in fields of science and technology innovation where our competencies, capabilities and passions allow us a high probability of contributing to progress. Areas of current commercial focus include finding technological solutions in the fields of weight loss, artificial intelligence, telemedicine, and IoT for monitoring medication compliance.

We love to engage with the best and brightest minds to create a work environment that combines intellectual rigor, curiosity, energy, capability, and unique thinking. Our goal is to reduce the time, risk, and resources required to deliver the unexpected by thinking laterally to solve problems. If you want to create solutions to challenging innovation problems, then we welcome you to consider joining us at Scott Labs.

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